Sunday, April 16, 2017

Remember that Medieval Meme?

Welcome. Friends. You probably got here because of my link on FB. In that case well done, if not hey tell me how you found this blog!

Today I welcome you to this collective of photos with my derp face. Kiiiinda reminded me of a medieval meme actually (If you know, you know ;) *cough*

Just want to include this lovely photo of my lovely housemate. I do not like comparisons but hey look at my first photo and look at her face, so much grace meanwhile mine........ So much less.

Anywho dress I am wearing in this photo is from Trollied Dolly, I got them from Asos. Hat: H&M

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday at Sundays

How lucky I am to have a proper weekend on this particular day! Took the chance to visit SUNDAYS which is one of the most hyped beach club here in Bali, I do have to say that they live up to their expectations!

Me seeking wifi. 

My housemates and I enjoyed our time over there, thoroughly! We even ordered self-made Smores (das right, we have a bon fire and we fry our own marshymallows!) for the sunset and all that jazz.

All and all it was a lovely experience despite the quite pricey entrance fee: you ought to pay 300k rupiah and given 150k to spend. If you order wisely, you're good actually!

Cheers lovelies.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Like most people that are active on social media, I guess I am one of those normal ones that struggles with self-confidence. Yes, it is normal. I do not know however, if it is healthy to normalise this kind of thing. I became very reluctant to shoot videos of myself due to how much I hate my own voice and how I look. Very self conscious (not shy). I am much better now than how I was in the past because I keep posting photos on the blog and other channels, so if you do struggle with that you are definitely not alone. No matter how many followers do you have, nobody is immune to self-confidence struggles.

But who am I kidding, this is the internet, if people want to find the most embarrassing thing about you, they will definitely find it anyway. This kind of strongly reminded me of Sherlock Holmes from the American series 'Elementary' in which he stated that 'humiliation is the currency of hackers'. (Anyone watches that show too??) 

My awesome friend Farhan shot these photos of me on his film cameras. Although there are some where my face is actually more exposed I much prefer these where my face is more concealed so to speak. I think he managed to capture my tame side, which is cool! Do check out his website (my fav are the portraits, which he did mostly with films) and Instagram

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

100% Pampered at Unagi Spa

Happy New Year everyone! Holiday season was super intense with work and chores and I am so so happy to be able to have a day off just to be pampered. Unagi Spa has so kindly to let me try their 2-hour massage and it was heavenly, especially after the hectic season of deadlines!

When I entered I was greeted with wonderful smiles and I was just so ecstatic in anticipation of traditional Balinese massage. But... There was a menu! I had to choose which. Let me tell you that they all look enticing but I chose The Fruits Miracle massage.

I went with my awesome friend/housemate Yonni. The massage was so good, and I am not just saying it. When we were done with the full body massage we were treated to individual hot bath! 


What was included in the Spa Package:

  • Foot bath   (5 mins)
  • Balinese Massage (60 mins
  • Avocado & Kaffir lime Body Mask  (30 mins)
  • Flowers bath (30 mins)
  • Body moisturizer  (5 mins)
After the flower bath you can enter the aquatic pool. The water is a bit cold as I was just finishing up with a very blissful warm flower bath but I would totally recommend you to enter. Feels very nice and you will see when you exit the spa, your body feels renewed and lighter.

Massive thanks to Unagi Spa! I would 100% come back and I will bring my mother and other friends, they will surely love it here. Visit Unagi Spa's website here , and Instagram here.

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Shining Tribute

Happy Halloween glam creeps! Hope everyone is rocking their favourite looks this weekend! Cheers to my lovely friend Dominique (and her mum who took part)!

We had fun recreating The Grady Sisters from The Shining. Tell me, what is your favourite horror movie and are you watching it for this pumpkin season?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Cosmic Shakes

Greetings! It has been a tiny while. Just a teeny update. I am now living in Bali with one of my best pals Yon Ni (Okay sorry it took me so long to tell you lot). It has been packed and busy, but also exciting, no surprise there. 

We went for burgers and shakes at this lovely retro restaurant, so lads and lass if you are in Bali and if you are into retro: Drop by Cosmic Diner! I love the Milkshakes over there.

P.s: That uneven tan you see was the result of reckless sun exposure in Gili island.

Dress: Mod Cloth

Monday, June 20, 2016


For sure you have been in a cross-road in your life before haven't you?

This time I got confused. Well, I am currently in that particular cross-road and not knowing if I should take an opportunity or should I just let it pass. Often times you think you know what you want. But then when the opportunity presents itself, ambivalence becomes presence. You doubt yourself.

I always believe that things will work out. As I do now, I will take that leap.

Cardigan: Uniqlo
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: ModCloth