Thursday, January 11, 2018

Capsule Hotel F.A.Q.

I did plan on uploading this with a Video Blog but it seems that the Vlog will probably never gonna happen since I do not seem to be able to find the time in between work, procrastination and binge watching the latest season of Black Mirror.

This is still from my Japan trip in late November. Me and my housemate chose to stay in a capsule hotel to feel the unique experience. I personally love staying in a capsule hotel. Just that this is not something for claustrophobic people.


Q: Is it expensive to stay in a capsule hotel?
A: This one we stayed at is called 9hours it is fairly new and the prices varied depending on whether or not it is high or low season. First night we stayed it was 7000JPY but second night was 3000JPY go figure. Pretty sure there are more affordable capsule hotels though, but since this is a more trendier, I am guessing it is more pricy than the older ones.

Q: Where do you put your stuff?
A: There is a locker right outside the capsule room.

Q: How do you shower?
A: There is a communal bathroom/ shower room on a different floor.

Q: Can you charge your phone?
A: Yes there is a USB plug in which you can use to charge your electronic babies. There was only one in this hotel.

Q: Is it weird to be in a confined space where you are unable to stand up?
A: For me who finds bunk bed rather exciting, it is not weird and in fact it is quite fun for me. Again, I do not recommend this experience for claustrophobic people.

Q: What do you not like about capsule hotel?
A: Honestly the hard thing about this communal space is having to be quiet for the sake of your many-many roomates. Although I do feel like the sound in individual capsules are kind of dampened and that is great as your movements as you toss and turn at night will not bother the other capsule residents!

P.S: They separate the gender so women and men have different floor of communal spaces. 

If you are wondering on what the capsule looks like this is the only photo archive I have since the rest are in the video footages that I am suppose to edit together with this blog (eh). And yes I missed my flight, quite a silly mistake.

9hours that we tried are the one in Shinjuku and the one in Narita airport. This is the view of the common lounge of the Shinjuku hotel :)

Cheers and thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Kyoto is Bae

Friends and acquaintances, I do not know how to organise my photos from that trip from Japan and keep postponing my blogpost. Some lucky few of you on Facebook will see the remaining photo dumps as well (eh).

But here I am almost a month late, I think I will make it into a multiple post and perhaps a V-Log too!

Japan is magical if you have been there count yourselves lucky, I certainly am very lucky to experience the brilliant autumn scene. Kyoto shows off the red foliage of the season, even more so than Tokyo. I took the opportunity to rent a Kimono to prance around the Kiyomizu temple, since hey I have no idea when I will return again- sincerely I do hope I can catch on the next flight cause I have difficulties moving on from Japan.

(Yes, I know my cheeks are so round like a hamster).

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Retro Dining with Cosmic

Hello from sunny side of Bali. I visited the Sanur branch of one of my fav establishments in Bali, that is Cosmic Diner! They have managed yet again satisfy my cravings for milkshakes and all the wonderful evils of waffles with ice cream on top. 

 This is the face of joy.

The Sanur branch of Cosmic Diner seems to be bigger than the one I usually visit in Sunset star. As per usual the interior design is on point with trinkets of the strong retro vibe! A must visit for a vintage girl or simply someone who appreciates good design-centered diner (with good food).

Dress: HelloPupu
Shoes: Unique Vintage
Location: Cosmic Diner Bali Sanur

P.S: Cosmic does a lot of promotions which can involves free milkshakes. Do find them on social media to not miss out on such goodness.

Find them on:
 Facebook: Cosmic Diner Bali
Instagram: @cosmicdinerbali
Twitter: @cosmicdinerbali

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mustard and Gingham

How cute is this gingham dress from StaceyMae

Took this dress for my trip to Guangzhou, Macao and HongKong. A new dress is always exciting and this has instantly became my fav dress and I am not just saying it cause you know I wear a lot of dresses. The detachable petticoat makes it a versatile piece, a staple for a retro girl.

 Twirling cause your homegirl is seeking for approval in 3d y'all.

 @davidchengg one of my friends who I met on this trip! A friend of the awesome @juucyn and @lauralaviani .
 Hong Kong is a gem for street photographers tbh.

My cousin Natalia who took photos of me for this post.

What I wore:

Dress: Stacey Mae Wardrobe
Waistband: Le Palais Vintage
Headband: Stacey Mae Wardrobe
Shoes: Stradivarius

Monday, May 1, 2017

Charm of Eastern Bali

Dear travellers and curious people: East of Bali is full of hidden gems waiting for you to uncover. I have been living in Bali for 9 months or so now, but I do admit I do not explore enough. Thankfully recently the tourism board kindly invited some wonderful travellers and miraculously, me to explore the east of Bali. Come on now and find out my favourite moments from the trip!

Untuk pengembara dan manusia yang penasaran: Bali Timur itu penuh loh dengan tempat luar biasa tersembunyi dan menunggu untuk kamu temukan. Saya sudah tinggal di Bali selama 9 bulan, tapi saya akui kalau saya sendiri kurang cukup ekspolarsi (biasa manusia kurang puas menjelajah). Namun syukurlah baru saja ini kemenpar dari Pesona Indonesia mengundang beberapa pelancong handal, dan dengan ajaibnya, saya juga diajak! -- Untuk jalan-jalan dan menyibak keindahan Bali Timur. Yuk disimak highlight kesukaan saya hehe.

Without a doubt, snorkeling was on the top of my favourite activities! I have never done it before and mannn I have been missing out all this time? I gotta make up for lost time and thankfully... We snorkeled, twice! In Amed Beach Karangasem, and in Nusa Lembongan. I will show you the underwater footage later in part 2 ;)

Tanpa ragu-ragu saya nyatakan bahwa snorkeling adalah salah satu kesukaan saya di trip ini! Belum pernah sebelumnya dan lumayan ketinggalan pengalaman ya saya? Harus lebih banyak snorkel lagi untuk kompensasi sepertinya dan syukurnya... Kita snorkeling dua kali loh! Satu kali di Karangasem, Amed beach dan yang ke dua di Nusa Lembongan. Nanti ya saya kasih lihat video bawah air di post bagian ke dua ;)

Have you been to Tirta Gangga? You should. I adore the strong heritage they are showing and certainly lots of spots for aesthetic portrait of yourself or others (hey no judgement).

Pernah ke Tirta Gangga? Harus pergi sih. Suka banget sama khas Bali yang ditunjukkan dan di trip ini tuh Tirta Gangga itu yang banyak tempat untuk foto ala-ala yang lumayan kekinian loh...

Photo-op wise, Asah Hill is a strong candidate too! So many amazing landscape spots to take in. Can't help but feeling so small in a grand scale that we witnessed. A lovely branch overlooking a cute island they named as 'Whale island' is a go-to selfie post for those who brave enough to climb like Fiona here. I tried and I looked like a steamed potato.

Nah untuk foto-foto lagi nih di Bukit Asah juga spot-nya bagus-bagus! Banyak lokasi yang bisa dinikmati pemandangannya dan kamu akan berasa kecil dengan skala besar tebing-tebing dan pantai sekitar. Ada dahan pohon yang mengarah ke pulau gemas yang orang-orang namakan 'Pulau Paus'. Dahan pohon ini adalah tempat bagus untuk foto bagi kamu yang berani memanjatnya, seperti Fiona nih. Saya coba tapi di foto saya kelihatan seperti kentang kucel jadi selfie saya gagal.

See that flare? That's not photoshopped in. We stumbled upon this glorious light in a beautiful village called Tenganan Village. 

Cahaya itu asli loh bukan editan (hehehe). Kita beruntung sekali di jam yang tepat ketemu cahaya yang bagus di Desa Adat Tenganan, Karangasem.

With that I would like to end this post. I would like to express my utmost thanks to Pesona Indonesia- Indonesia Tourism board who gave me the chance to be a part of this charming trip amongst funny and brilliant travellers. Their accounts and website will be listed below!

Dengan ini saya pamit dulu. Saya mau mengucapkan terimakasih banget kepada Kemenpar- Pesona Indonesia yang memberikan kesempatan kepada saya untuk ikut serta trip yang menyenangkan ini- diantara manusia-manusia berbakat dan lucu, akun-akun mereka akan saya list dibawah ya...

Pesona Indonesia
Instagram : @pesonaid_travel

Instagram @saifanah 

Yuki Anggia
IG: @yukianggia

Fiona Callaghan
IG: @fiona.callaghan

Putu Aditya Nugraha
Website/Blog: /
IG: @commaditya

Nama: Nicko Silfido
IG: @nickosilfido

Suci Rifani
Website/Blog: &
IG: @travellerkaskus  

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Remember that Medieval Meme?

Welcome. Friends. You probably got here because of my link on FB. In that case well done, if not hey tell me how you found this blog!

Today I welcome you to this collective of photos with my derp face. Kiiiinda reminded me of a medieval meme actually (If you know, you know ;) *cough*

Just want to include this lovely photo of my lovely housemate. I do not like comparisons but hey look at my first photo and look at her face, so much grace meanwhile mine........ So much less.

Anywho dress I am wearing in this photo is from Trollied Dolly, I got them from Asos. Hat: H&M

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday at Sundays

How lucky I am to have a proper weekend on this particular day! Took the chance to visit SUNDAYS which is one of the most hyped beach club here in Bali, I do have to say that they live up to their expectations!

Me seeking wifi. 

My housemates and I enjoyed our time over there, thoroughly! We even ordered self-made Smores (das right, we have a bon fire and we fry our own marshymallows!) for the sunset and all that jazz.

All and all it was a lovely experience despite the quite pricey entrance fee: you ought to pay 300k rupiah and given 150k to spend. If you order wisely, you're good actually!

Cheers lovelies.