Thursday, February 27, 2014


As someone who is often considered "weird", it is not a wonder that I get a free pass for being vague from time to time. I like being vague, "it is like a way of answering without answering"- Outsourced inspired.

Yeah these photos were taken before Valentine's day, quite some time ago huh? Yeap my friend Itto took these photos and he finally has the chance to send it to me yay!

Itto edited some of my pictures in black and white and there is this one photo (that I do not post here) that he really likes. He said that I looked like I am ready to kill someone. I disagree, I think I looked like a grumpy egg there. Well, he sees a murderer, I see an egg, how wonderful the world is in different point of view.

Hat: Zara/ ZigZag outfit: Cats/ Shoes: Max&Co

I like this last one in black and white, it looks like I have white hair <3 and I want white hair, especially since Frozen, oh Elsa.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello from Jakarta, not a good day considering that today is Monday, hence I tried to tackle this tedious day with a blogpost.

Cameras are tricky, I feel like inside each of the camera there is an evil elf/fairy that always try to mess up the images (yes I blame evil fairies for my incompetence in manual setting). Although the pictures were taken by my friend, I am also very much responsible for the setting, I can never get the lighting right, soo confusing :(
miss selfridge shirt, lace shirt, fashion blog, blogging

katespade bag, blogger, fashion blogger, miss selfridge lace top, miss selfridge shirt

Please pardon the weird lighting situation ok? It's actually a very nice view of the sea as the background, I do not know if you can see it.


shoes, anna sui hush puppies, anna sui x hushpuppies, hushpuppies, polkadot stocking
Shirt: Miss Selfridge/ Skirt: Zara/ Belt: Charles&Keith/ Bag: Kate Spade/ Shoes: Anna Sui X Hush Puppies

This lace top is so delicate, I assume that it will be in bad state after being worn by me for couple of times because I am not a good lace care-taker, yet people seems to think that fashion graduates are the good textile carer. Oh the irony, so not true, for me at least.

Oh, on unrelated topic, I just returned from Bali few days ago. I most certainly feel so dumb for not taking a camera with me, but I did post pictures on my instagram. My instagram is very active, drop by and say hi ok?

And please if anyone can give me any tips regarding camera setting, let me know in the comment below, I accept criticism and suggestions, ya know, for the sake of improvements.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Liebster Award

Well, this is kind of the first time I have been "nominated" for anything. I was nominated by for Liebster Award, thank you dear!

Liebster is an award for new bloggers, the purpose is probably to discover new bloggers all around. I am not completely sure what it is all about but it seems like such a waste to stop the chain. Thus, here I am continuing the chain of Liebster Award.


- You must link back to the person who nominated you. 
 - You have state 11 facts about yourself 
 - You have to answer the questions given to you. 
 - You have to pick 11 nominees and create a set of 11 questions that they must answer. 
 - You can't nominate the person that nominated you. 
 - You have to tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

I know that it seems like a chore but surely dedicating a small amount of time for this post is quite fun! There are things that I did not realize until I actually read some questions from the person who nominated me.

Like the first one question here: Who is my role model? Honestly I never really think about this. My role models keep changing like my style itself has gone through a lot of twist and turns. I can, however tell you my influences and inspirations: Dita Von Teese, Idda Van Munster are both my vintage inspiration although I am nowhere near their level of impeccable beauty! My most recent street style inspirations came from No7 and Equeen, they are both bloggers from HongKong. Sorry that I cannot give definite answer as to "who" is my role model, but I feel like I made a somewhat clear elaboration!

The top topic of my blog? I have to say I have a lot of interests but I think the focus topic of this blog is more like a fashion diary. I am planning on starting my youtube channel but I am still saving on a new camera because my current camera is not available for my usage everyday (it's complicated).

The third question is about music, that's fun. Titles of meaningful songs: A team by Ed Sheeran, Let it Go by Idina Menzel, Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood. Yes all three of them are the most recent ones, I get bored easy but I think I can never get tired listening to A Team.

As for my favorite Youtuber? I have to saw Pewdiepie is my favorite youtuber! He does not have any fashion related videos but he is definitely fabulous and never ever fail to put smiles on his subbies' faces! My favorite fashion youtuber has got to be Evelina, she also run a fashion blog and her videos are clear and lovely!

My best friend... I never really have best friend before and I am now able to say that my best friend is Yonni. We met in Shanghai and now we are really close. Yonni and my other very good friend Cherry really helped me and turned me into the better version of me, so yeah they are precious!

This one is one of those that I cannot decide, my favorite fashion brand. Like I said my style has bee going through a lot of changes, three years ago I was really obsessed with Lolita fashion, so my favorite was Angelic Pretty. 



Then it sort of changed to the more alternative style and I was really into Vivienne Westwood. Right now I realized that I have a lot a lot of stuff from Topshop, so that is my current favorite brand I suppose. Keep in mind that I still very much in love with Angelic Pretty and Vivienne Westwood, I believe that if you were really into something you can never be over it.

The next one is quite tough to (for me at least), movies that made me cried? There are tons! I am not so tough when it comes to watching movies, I even cried when I watched Frozen! I can also recall that I cried, dramatically when I watched Hachiko, which is totally unfair for the creators to use my soft spot for animals, totally not cool.

My dream place? That's easy London is. I freakin-love London!! And that is why I am going back for my Master degree ;) if all is well I can go mid April this year.

London Eye.
Tate Britain

Moving on, the next one will be celebrity crush. Again, this is very tough for me as a fangirl which involves in many many fandoms. Eventually I narrowed it down to three actors: Misha Collins, Tom Hiddleston and last but definitely not the least is Benedict Cumberbatch. From the three I have to make the choice that is Misha Collins.

Misha stars in one of my fav tv series, Supernatural! Yes his character there makes him even more lovable, plus he is such a sweetie that forms a non profit organization dedicated for random acts of kindness worldwide, like raising money for Haiti, check the website for the organization here. So yeah it is impossible not to love Misha.

My hope for this blog in 2014? I hope that I can get more feedbacks and comments on my posts, and I wish that I can get more creative with my posts. I do start this blog with the purpose of my own recreation alone, but I realized that by having viewers, there are certainly more that I can learn.

Last question, my dream when I was a child. I find this one quite vague, but hey I understand that this is probably about dream jobs and whatnot... When I was little I remembered that I want to be a designer, but as I finished my degree in Fashion Design, I do not know if I still want to be one, not that it is not a nice career to dwell in but maybe it is just not for me.

13 Facts About Me (brace yourselves, 2 are lies you only need to state 11 but I find it boring so I spice things up):

-I am a potato couch
-I love instant noodles
-I find ties incredibly sexy (damn you fifty shades)
-Laziness is my virtue
-I hate people who take themselves too seriously (come on you schmucks)
-I do not like french fries
-My dog is a Bichon Frise named Hachi
-I am afraid of the dark
-I chew my nails
-I find pleasure in eating
-I have 4 siblings
-I named my Iphone Castiel
-If I am a man I would probably be gay for Benedict Cumberbatch

Guess which ones are the lies in the comment section and you will get an internet hug.

The moment has arrived to announce the nominees, I know right finally. Here are the ones that I chose:

If you do have the time please take a moment to continue this award to other different 11 nominees you deem appropriate. Also, please answer the following questions for your post, with pictures whenever you see fit:

1.What is your favorite magazine?

2.List your inspirational movies.

3.Stuff you cannot live without?

4.Tell us your favorite fashion model.

5.Tell us your dream job.

6.Why do you blog?

7.Your favorite blogger?

8.What is your favorite season (spring, summer, autumn, winter)?

9.If you can live anywhere in the world where would that be?

10.Do you believe in miracles?

11.Who is the person that you cannot live without?

I do not think I have ever made a post this long, with texts. Thank you for bearing with me this far and nominees- do not be a party pooper, pass this on!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Boudoir of Batavia

Some people enjoy visiting old cafes, one of them is me. This is the third time for me to visit Cafe Batavia. 

Dress: DIY/ Belt: Furla/ Shoes: Charles&Keith

If you can recall few posts ago I did mentioned that I made a circular polkadot skirt due to my laziness of making a dress out of the fabric I purchased. Well finally I was less lazy enough to make a dress out of the leftover fabric (yes I bought too much and I hoard fabrics). It was a rush kind of creation but it turned out OK I guess, I like it.

I thank my dear friends Yon ni, Wileen and Davin for making this gathering really fun and meaningful! I can totally see us visiting this cafe again.

Oh right, forgot to mention...The creme brule here is exquisite! You musstt try it if you do visit this Cafe ;)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Being Pink!

"I do not want anyone giving chocolates to any other student(s), but if you do, you know what happened to Romeo right? He died."

So brilliantly said by a high school principal, please allow me to be your apprentice "senpaiiii" hahahahha <<<< Pewdiepie influence sorry, wait no I will not be sorry for being influenced by Pewds, he is amazing.

 Kisses from me! If you are here visiting, yes I mean you. Thank you!

Happy Valentine's Day dears! Spread the loooove! No matter you are single or doubles Valentine is not just about being with your spouse or partner, it is also about your family and friends! I know that you might find my point of view a little biased because I am single but really you have to view everything positively, for your own mental health.

To celebrate 14th February, I am to wear pink themed outfit, almost mandatory even. I also dyed my hair myself, just piling on color, it seems only fair to do it myself to cut cost haha.

I sincerely apologize for how messy my hair is. My hair doesn't really hold curls thus leading to this... Weird waves. I do, however like how my hair really ombre-d and eventually merged color to my sweater.

 Top : Tanahabangfashion/ Shorts: Unbranded/ Necklace: H&M/ Bag: Unbranded/ Shoes: Unbranded

One more thing, sorry for the quality of these pictures because I have to use my quite "ancient" pocket camera, for the other one is unavailable :(

Hugs and kisses guys, enjoy your lovely lovely days.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sebastian Red, Sebastian Sposa

Last night I attended to Grand Hyatt Wedding Fair of the year. Another of my talented friend used to work for Sebastian Gunawan (I know right I am surrounded by talented people). Well I was lucky enough to get an invite :)

In this post you will find photos from 2 divisions of Sebastian Gunawan, the first is Sebastian Red which has a very beautiful array of cocktail and evening dresses. The second would be the wonderful Sebastian Sposa, bridal gowns. I cannot post everything since there are too many, so again, I chose my favorites.

Hereee comes the bridal!

My friend Felicia was part of the design team of Sebastian Red, this collection included! So proud of her.

I truly enjoy my good spot since I got some pretty good photos, the headdress of the bridals are marvelous! Sadly my friend no longer work for them so she cannot steal one for me.

Until the next post!
Cheers guys.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Glasshouse

Hi lovely readers! Hopefully this blogpost finds you well :)

Pardon my messy hair ok? heehee. Also, this photos were taken before Lunar New Year so my hair has not been "touched up" so to say and therefore it looks too orangey.

Dress: Vintage (Yippieyeyo on Instagram)/ Jacket: Red Valentino/ Hat: Unbranded/ Shoes: Charles&Keith/ Parasol: Forever New

It was really fun taking pictures at this park! It was post rainy situation that I love and the sun was peeking not-so-shyly (I know my vocabulary is weird). I feel that this parasol is necessary, aside from the fact that it is a cute accessory the parasol also helps in completing the whole vintage look.

So glad when this dress was delivered. I purchased it through instagram from second-hand clothing account and it turns out that the dress is very well made (really good finishing too). Happy to have another addition of second-hand/ vintage dress in my slowly growing vintage collection wardrobe!

Photos by my friend Ramona Wiyono. Visit her behance portfolio here and her vimeo here.