Sunday, January 25, 2015


I am much aware that I should do much more in my study to achieve the standard of good grades (they are very subjective I know). But often times I just failed to motivate myself. It is pretty awful considering that I actually enjoy my major, I can only imagine if I decided not to move from business school (shudder). So yeah I am wondering if you guys have any tips and tricks to actually push yourself on your laziness limits, I mean we all dealt with procrastination differently.

So, anyway, if you are here for the fashion mumbly jumbly please find the attached photos as taken by the lovely Anisacrament. Me unwinding myself from a rejoiced submission- that I know will not be resulting in a very satisfactory outcome. I want to beat myself up sometimes but I find it rather difficult to throw myself in the pit of guilt, sigh, the backslide of a carefree personality I guess.

The follow up event after this shoot? We went karaoke- yes singing, and let me tell you, Annissa rocked that microphone!

Dress: Collectif/ Bag: The Cambridge Satchel Co./Shoes: Aldo

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Temporary Parisian

Hello lovelies! So finally its here. That post from that trip I took in Paris with the fab Annissa aka Anisacrament ;)

They were not kidding when they say Paris is beautiful, because it is. Trust me because there have been so many times where I was so disappointed when I travel when the place did not fulfill my expectation, but for me Paris exceeded it!

Well, we were of course freezing. My friend who is French recommending me to return during the summer and considering how much I love Parisian houses and architecture, I am seriously planning on returning. So watch this space when I announce it. Hehe.

On the recap, first day in Paris we went straight to DisneyLand because why not. The next day we visited The Lourve Museum and goshh it is unbelievable. Seriously it is. Following day we visited Musee D'Orsay which is also amazing, rode night tourist boat which took us along iconic Seine river and watched the Eiffel Tower glimmered with the stunning lights. As for the last day in Paris, Annissa and her sister went to Gallery Lafayette while I went on an instagrammer photo walk with the lovely Natalie. 

Dress: Hellopupu/ Blue Jacket: Red Valentino/ Coat: Vintage/ Shoes: Primark/ Bagpack: Cambridge Satchel Co.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mentally Ready for 2015

Greetings my fellow mental patients! Some of you might be waiting for my photos from my trip to Paris, it is coming but for now allow me to greet you with this post.

Dont hate me I know you love me this way. Also, dont take life too seriously, come on.

Massive thanks for being delightful on 2014 and I know 2015 has big shoes to fill in but I am excited to see whats waiting for me in the future.

Photos were taken by @mikejfox on instagram!