Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Heart UK?

Hey there I am back with my favorite bowler hat!

I have to apologize, it has been awhile since my last post... 
So finally my first post with pictures I took ever since I came back home.
I am not used to be a blogger here in Indonesia but I think bloggers community flourish here more than in Shanghai?

I'm trying this black and white editing here.. Well, I think it is quite interesting.

I don't know if I will really love UK or not.. Let us see when I get there this upcoming July.

I have successfully acquire my visa and purchased my flight to London! Time for a little tribute for my upcoming trip... Here are some of my possessions that are new! With a little UK theme I asked my little brother Jason to take these pics. Cheers, bro. 

 That bag is so cute! I gladly took that from the shelf and bought it!

Above is my favorite picture of all these.

My lovely new shoesss! Simply adore it~

Bowler hat: H&M
Long shirt and shoes: Debenhams (Senayan City)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jurassic Project

These pictures below are from last year. They are my designs for graduation project. Inspired by dinosaur fossils and bones. I like the close-ups so I also include some here. Cheers!
Some little previews here..

 I love that shoes.. Too bad they are way too big for my feet.

I actually really like that cape, too bad I cant actually wear it here in Indonesia...

It was freezing when we took these shots.. The model is Ukrainian but still its too cold for anyone. Special thanks to Joanna the photographer and also Lina the beautiful model. The outcome is very satisfying.