Sunday, August 18, 2013


Cardigan: Zara
Dress: Vivien of Holloway
Shoes: J West

Me and my friends went to this new coffee shop Koultoura. Really cute interior and concept development! Very entertaining logos and characters that are spreading around the shop. The food is great too, I really like their Grilled Salmon with the pesto.

Showcasing one of my favorite vintage reproduction dresses here. This one is a cute polka dot dress with the boning on the torso, so that there can be no undesirable bulges. Vivien of Holloway is a great brand and if you are happen to be in London be sure to stop by their store on Holloway road, because me love every piece in store!

It is Sunday, and soon Monday will haunt us. That horror, the traffic. Not looking forward to the drive for work huhu. 

See you at the next post.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kuta Entry- Summer Necessities

Hello everyone! So I am now staying in Kuta, a part of Bali which is a tourist hot spot. In this post I shall be showing images of fashion items that are my personal necessities for this current trip.        
Do take a moment to enjoy the view of this floating ship in the sky. I wish that I can get one for myself...

This first one is a nautical bag from Cache cache. It really helps during this summer holiday because of it's high capacity. I crammed a lot of stuff into this bag:  sunblock, water bottle, wallet, clothes, sunnies, bandana, hairpins, hairband, whateverrr everything you need while you are enjoying your holiday activities. 

Over here is my trustee cute flip flops from Furla. The orange shades is really giving off the summer vibe yet the gray dash of the bow keep it classy and not overly playful. Even though it looks slippery but they really are not. They can cooperate during the sand walks, also help you not to slip on wet floor situation, I even wore them while I was rafting but still you have to be careful whatever it is you wear always be cautious of your environment.


For vintage touch have this flower hairpin with you to beautify your hairdo. This one is from Love Diva.  Get any color you like but I prefer red color among others. Bananas for bandanas yes I am, these are from Hard Rock shop and random flea market respectively, bandanas are also great options to beautify your updo.


Straw hats! These are from Zara and Cache cache respectively. Wear them to protect your hair and prevent them from getting too damaged from all the sun exposure. 


Sun shades are mandatory guys. You cannot go on summer holiday anywhere in the world without sun shades, and sunblocks too of course. Like Michelle Phan's said 90% of wrinkles are from sun damage so protect everything like mad hahahhaha!

This bustier is from topshop. It goes with loads of things like overalls, hot pants or jeans. Use them wisely to complete your look.


Hot pants galore! Grab your favorites and work it girls! This high waist hot pants is from Religion, which I love because it sits comfortably on my waist and the hem ends just right where it is suppose to be. 

Crop tees are so right. They goes with mostly everything summer related. Work it with bikinis or suitable outerwear and you got yourself a legit summer look.


Bikini bikini bikini. Loving this bikini from American Eagle Outfitters. Dash of reds always work for me.


Or you can have matching swimsuit if you don't want to wear bikinis. Like this one from La Christie.

While you are staying in Kuta I recommend y'all to try this restaurant called Dulang Cafe at Kuta Square. I tried the Chicken Rice and it was sooo good, and this is coming from a girl that eats Hainamese Chicken rise like crazy, yes I tasted loads and loads of Hainam Chicken rice and the one from Dulang Cafe is pretty gooood! Dang thinking about it makes me hungry~


Good day fellas and have a great Sunday! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The One with the Delay

Hey beautiful people! Yes I mean you! Haha for those of you celebrating Ramadhan, I bid you all Happy Eid Mubarak. I am not even sure what that means but I wish you all the best!

So I am now waiting to get to the plane, Hoho hours from now I will be in Bali. Let me compile some pictures of my outfit today while waiting ok?





Funny story guys, as I was selecting the pictures the speakerphone lady just said that the flight is having some technical problems and surprise surprise we are delayed for an hour... It is okay though because home is where the wifi is and there is free wifi here. Humanity what is happening? We are actually living in a world where human is crippled without the internet.

Anyway this is also my first time uploading with ipad mini, lets just hope it turns out alright.

Happy holiday everyone!

Best regards,