Monday, September 29, 2014

As if I'm Back in China

As some of you might already be aware of, I used to live in Shanghai for 3 years. Since I moved to London, I can't help but keep returning to Chinatown. Not for the atmosphere, mind you. But rather for the- wait for it... Food.. Duh of course.

I might as well use that as the title really 'Where The Food is' but then it is really no better than what it is now anyway. Let me know in the comment what I should have as the title instead if you have any idea folks!

Shirt: Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop/ Skirt: Cath Kidston/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell/ Cape: Sheinside/ Bag: Asos

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blame it on Vintage

Right. So I am kind of broke. Well it is the end of the month but other than that I have not been very smart in my spending this month. Like really Christine get yourself sorted out please. Yeah I cant really blame anyone else but me, but I can however also blame vintage stores all around London that brought me to my knees, might as well not go out at all really. Why? because when you see a cute dress, you cannot be sure if you will ever see it again innit? Sigh.

So here are some photos taken by Neil, who is a friend of mine- also a very talented photographer. He was photographer of the month in EyeEm and he asked to collaborate and I said yes because I know it would have been a lot of fun!

I got this dress from a curated vintage shop in Stable Market in Camden, called St Cyr's Vintage. Hat also vintage, so is the vintage 1940s suitcase there. The only thing that is not vintage would be my shoes which are from Max&Co.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

LFW 2014

Hey fashion people! I had the chance to visit LFW about a week ago. I do apologize before hand, because I was not equipped with a DSLR and a killer lens to shoot portraits of beautiful people. 

But, I was about 1 metre away from Alexa Chung, and so I was pretty happy about that. Within this post you will find some snaps of people that I find inspiring, I did forgot to take some of their names and contacts, so if you know them please let me know so I can put a proper caption!
This is Suzanne @suzannesarahs on instagram, she is a very lovely girl from Indonesia!

This lady is wearing a killer jumpsuit. She is a stylist and blogger, I forgot to ask for her contacts.

Two cool individuals, they were being photographed but hilarity ensued.

This is Desislava Todorova, even among stunning people she still stands out. She is stunning, even more so in person! Not to mention that she was wearing a killer outfit.

Stephanie Stola. I adoree her coat! I stopped her when she was wandering and I know I have to take her photo!

So this is my dear friend Anisacrament and Adam Katz Sinding from +Le 21√®me !

Oh and of course our beloved Alexa Chung, very very pretty in person and effortlessly cool as expected of our IT girl I suppose.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Abundance of Lavender

Greetings! I just attended London Fashion Week few days ago, but the photos are still... in process I am sorry about that. But for now, here are photos of me taken by my friend Kevin when we came to the Lavender farm (yes I returned to that farm again because why not).

Dress: H&R London/ Coat: Vero Moda/ Shoes: Max&Co/ Clutch: Topshop

Monday, September 8, 2014

That Cheeky Heatwave

As the title already suggest, yes there is a bit of a cheeky summer return, which is quite common for September in London so they say. Oh Gosh sorry that I keep talking about the weather, when I first moved here I kept wondering why do British people keep discussing about the weather but apparently it is obligatory for them. So let me just let them have their thing, don't wanna steal their thunder (see what I did there?).

The Provoker has proved that not only he is very talented stylist but also a very talented photographer (he made me look kinda skinny I love him). Hahahhaha so yeah Anisacrament, her flatmate Vivian, Nathan (The Provoker) and I went on a photo fiesta at Hackney a while a go. Such a vibrant area with amazing street arts! I mean it is kinda ghetto but heyyy nice place.

So this look is a modern twist with kind of a contemporary vintage influence, because I would like to believe that every time I wear an off-shoulder top or dress, Bardot will have something to look at. You know it might be boring up there so it will be fun to comment on what people is wearing. Who knows maybe she is talking with Joan Rivers (Bless her soul) to critique fashion people.

Jumpsuit: Asos/ Off-Shoulder top: Asos/ SunShades: Karen Walker/ Sling bag: Sophia Webster/Shoes: Office

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pastel Walkabout

Welcome to this colorful-ish post! Hope you guys are doing well.. You know I am! Well apart from the fact that I am gaining weight but I am enjoying life, very much so at this point. I mean look at that spin.

This week Anisacrament and I met up with The Provoker. He is such an amazing individual that exudes positive energy and it is just very entertaining to hang with him. Check out his blog because not only that he is cool to be around with, his blog is also a source of creative inspiration for fashion styling.

Oh and in relevance to the gloomy weather, I took that to my advantage to wear raincoat, like this one with polkadots on, I cannot say no to that.

Shirt: H&M/ Skirt: Topshop/ Raincoat: Asos/ Shoes: Office/ Bag: Asos

Nathan (The Provoker) and I shared similar taste in comedy which is awesome! We lovee Amy Schumer and Gabriel Iglesias... hahahhahah I mean who doesnt tho.