Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anchors Aweigh

Ay mate! I had fun today. Also I brought my very lovely vintage suitcase which is my favorite so far, ChloƩ circa 1960s.


Hair of the day!

I do not know if you can see it but I was wearing seam stocking.

 Scarf:Aldo/ Dress:Hellopupu/ Suitcase:ChloĆ© (vintage 1960s)/ Shoes: Liz Lisa

Isn't she a beauty? Because for me she is!

And this is pretty girl is Yonni, the girl who is kind enough to take pictures for a lot of my blogposts. She is new to blogger, say hi to her here.

I would like to say thank you for the sweet comments you guys left on my blog, I always check out the pages of commenter and usually reply your comments on Your page. To those of you who complimented on my hair, I love you all very dearly because I really like my pink ombre hair. Anyone who supports my color choice, you my mate! <3

Until the next post guys! Have a great great weekend.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Floral Psycho

Hello lovelies, I am back (so soon). I always have a thing for floral prints, it soothes me (now it sounds like nonsense but hey it is true). Just came home after a late lunch with my home gal Yonni, hahhaha she finally created her blog yay! Visit her here and show her some love...

How have you guys been anyway? For everyone of you not living in tropical country, hopefully you have wonderful times in autumn season because I am jealous. I am aware that not everyone is jolly about cold times but I do prefer cold and breezy weather sometimes, because dealing with heat all year long? Not that much fun.

The scarf matches my shirt dress, now I realize that it is too matchy-matchy. But it is okay That is what this post is all about.

Hat: Stradivarius/ Scarf: Uniqlo/ Shirt Dress: Uniqlo/ Jacket: 7 For All Mankind/ Shoes: B-store/ Ring: Urban Renewal

 Too much floral? Let me know what you think in the comment.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Meadham Kirchoff for TOPSHOP- Need!

Guise. Today is the day! Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop was officially launched-to day! Unfortunately~ not in Indonesia... 

I am quite sad that they do not exist here because this is my favorite collaboration I have seen in Topshop so far. So, to compensate I drool over them on the internet instead. Please find the following images as my favorite items of the collection! There are 2 items that are of PVC materials which I really REALLY like, I saw them when I checked the website on my phone, but alas I can't find it when I was browsing on the computer.

All pictures are from

HOW CUTE are these seriously!

Should I order them online? I mean I never had any experience ordering from (only ordered from ASOS) sigh.... they are all so cool and cute though.. 

What should I do guysss, advice? I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me their experience of ordering from and had their stuff safely shipped and arrived home (or not).

Monday, November 18, 2013

Isabel Encounter

On Sunday I had the chance to check out Isabel Marant pour H&M! Surprised to see something that I really like because I was not so excited when I browsed it on the internet... I was so lucky to find this denim jacket on Children's' section, last piece and it fits me (yes it is a big deal because normally it is hard enough to find a good fit on women's wear department).

Denim Jacket: Isabel Marant pour H&M/ T-shirt: Zara/ Jeans: Topshop/ Shoes: Marni for H&M

So guys tell me if you got anything you like from this recent designer collaboration!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Can't Get Enough of Gingham

It makes me really happy to find vintage second hand dress that fits me. So I found this store on instagram called vintageirotoridori, kinda hard to spell sometimes. But the stores have variables of good vintage and second hand stuff that are actually cute, not like some stores that just slap ini random second stuff images. 

I like it when my nails matches my hair

Dress: Vintageirotoridori/ Bag: Topshop/ Belt: stolen from Mom/ Oxford Boots: Stradivarius

I do plan on altering the length of this dress but I have been too lazy heehee.

Still in search of more good vintage shops, so if any of you can recommend me any, I would be really grateful guys!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wrecking Yarn Ball

These recent gloomy days inspired this cozy autumn-ish look ;)

Yeap. The only excuse to wear relatively fall look here is these damp gloomy situation. I like the rain, but unfortunately Jakarta is very prone to flooding. 

Here I am wearing two items from one of my used-to-be favorite brands, a02. The brand originated from Hong Kong and having close to zero recognition here in Indonesia, my love for the brand receded whence I moved back home. I like cats ok? Even though I have a dog pet I still very much adore cats, also my initial is C.A.T. so another excuse to like them I guess hahahhaa.

About the title, sorry guys... I just can't get the song Wrecking Ball out of my head and I keep singing to the point it annoys people. I watched loads of parody (of Miley), that is probably why.

Not knowing why retailers do not bring in a02 to this country, sigh.

 Hat: a02/ Top: a02/ Skirt: Forever New/ Boots: New Look

 Bonus photo with Hachi. Not a fan of his hair cut because he should be able to look cuter, but he gets upset when people say that he is not as cute as he can be.

Until the next post.
Cheers guys!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Paint The Wall

It is autumn for majority part of the earth except Indonesia and other tropical countries of course (and Australia on reverse). We do missed out the opportunity on wearing fancy coats and boots, every year, but oh there are some perks sometimes. For  people who really likes warm weather, tropical countries might suit you well. You can swim in bikini anyday throughout the year.

I do not agree with my teacher in primary school though; they taught us that the 2 seasons here are summer and rainy seasons. In my opinion the 2 seasons are: hot and extremely hot.

Top: Unbranded/ Pants: Oasis/ Socks: Topshop/ Shoes: JWest/ Bag: Kate Spade

Happy Sunday guys!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


How is it going, fabulous people? Look look I have found my long lost Cheap Monday jeans, yay! 

Also what makes me really happy is finding this ombre pink beanie, it is cute andd so helpful during bad hair day.

Bonus picture of me with a cool artwork, sorry I am such a zombie groupie. But who doesn't love zombies anyway.

Beanie: H&M/ Top: Unbranded/ Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Bag: Coach Poppy/ Shoes: New Look/ Ear accessory: H&M

In case anyone is wondering the background text is MINIAPOLIS, sorry because none of the pictures have the complete text, I know how annoying that can be for some people ;) 

Hopefully I don't look like some sort of pink pedobear posing in front of waterboom for children.

I would like to thank my dear friend Cherry for these photos! 

Cheers guys!