Sunday, March 30, 2014

Can You Spot the Dessert?

Heylow chickas. I finally got an email from the UK embassy and the main gist of everything is that a decision has been made but they won't tell me if my visa has been rejected or approved.

The suspenseeee!

I have been sick for 2 and a half days now and finally well enough to go out and avoid over-thinking...

 Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger/ Shorts: Zara/ Socks: Topshop/ Shoes: Unbranded/ Bag: Coach Poppy/ Necklace: Jasmine Tease

Annd heree is the dessert! A cutie from Jasmine tease.

The lighting is a bit funny under bright lights.

Oh and I also piled on more color on my hair with "Purple Haze" manic panic. I mixed it with conditioner and some amount of "Cotton Candy". The shade is quite darker than my usual "Hot Pink" but I did this so that it will fade out to a less brassy-orangey tone.

Since I have really thin hair I am really happy that pin-curls can give more voluuumes and bounce to my hair.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Cardie Full of Hearts

Hey everyone~ how are you guys doing this week. I am quite giddy because there are no news about my visa application and my flight is suppose to be on the 15th of April~

So here is an easy look that I wear today for a casual lunch thinggy.

Polo shirt: Uniqlo/ Shorts: Zara/ Cardigan: 6ixty8ight/ Bag: Coach Poppy/ Shoes: Forleria

Seriously I am really worried about my visa. I hope they let me know soon :(

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Farmer's Daughter

If you are a foodie and you are currently living in Jakarta, you probably know about Full and Starving. Yesh it is a wonderful food blog started by a sweet couple Wanda and Danny, the blog is full of mouth-watering images, I wouldn't visit it during detox period if I were you. The photos and contents are so good that they often receive requests and invites from restaurants all over the town to taste their food! Full and Starving is currently, also an official- professional food photographer.

Oh and apparently one of the co-founders happens to be my neighbor (literally we live like 2 houses apart).

So I think it was... Last Friday Danny and I had a meeting and he was kind enough to share his knowledge and wisdom about photography, hey thanks Dan! He shared about the three basic elements of photography : Shutter speed, aperture and ISO. After the meeting we went to the Mangrove conservation park and took some shots.

Thank God I was wearing boots because truth be told it was a muddy adventure guys...
farmer's daughter, cowboy look, zara hat, stradivarius overall, pink hair

pink hair, side pony tail, stradivarius overall, stradivarius cowboy boots

eco park, stradivarius boots

pink hair, side pony tail, zara hat

side pony tail, zara hat, gingham shirt, blue gingham

Shirt: Uniqlo/ Overall: Stradivarius/ Hat: Zara/ Belt: Charles&Keith/ Shoes: Stradivarius/ Giant bangle: Topshop/ Bag: The Leather Satchel Co.

Please pardon me being messy and not polished at all, it was hot and humid and just... messy ok?

fujifilm, fuji indonesia, fuji x20
And that there is my baby Fuji X20.

Some photos were taken by Danny's DSLR Canon (and with a very good lense too I presume).

P.S: My father was really sort-of-a farmer heehee! I spent my holiday in my grandfather's farm one time and it was fun! Watching baby chicks, rode on the back of a pick-up truck and what not... 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Arte Visited

Today has been fun. I visited ARTE- Indonesian Arts Festival 2014 with my friend Wileen! It was a great exhibition which includes visual arts, performing arts, film screening, culinary art, etc. Several demos and workshops are fun to attend!

Pardon my satchel that faced the wrong wayyy :(

This photo is suppose to showcase the shoes but I kinda feel like the picture is more of an ad for selling chair or some sort? heehee.

 Shirtdress: Repete/ Overall: Unbranded/ Socks: Topshop/ Shoes: Jwest/ Satchel: The Leather Satchel Co.

"An Astronaut Candidate" guys, these are not to represent tadpoles.

I just have to post this it says "A Fashion Blogger Candidate" and I was like WTF hahahhaha.

Friday, March 14, 2014

For Wednesday Addams

She hated everyone before it was mainstream. Heck she hated everyone before it was a thing. This post today is dedicated for her, dearest Wednesday Addams ( Christina Ricci version ) the awesome lil gothic character.

These photos were shot in black and white settings, I barely alter anything at all just crop!

wednesday addams inspired, braids, wednesday hair, wednesday addams hair, black and white
Trying to achieve that poker face look of Wednesday.

While youtube-ing this hairstyle I feel like none of the tutorials gave any attention to the bump on Wednesday's parting. I tried teasing the base, does not exactly resemble her cute hair but at least I got that little raise on my parting~ Apart from that I also tried that straight brow look, used loads of foundation to cover my arch! They look slightly tamed but the arch is still apparent (sigh).

I wanted to complete this look with a wide brimmed hat but I leave it this way so that it will be more "authentic" as Wednesday :)

Black and white, black and white x20, fuji x20, fuji camera, bnw fuji

braids, black and white, wednesday addams
Dress: Asos/ Shoes: New Look

What do you think of these black and white photographs? I truly enjoy this setting!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fuji X20 for Blogging?

Camera Review.

I have very dense knowledge about photography, I was seeking a new camera for myself for the past month, so my friend recommended me Fuji Camera series X. I promised that I will do a review on it, keep in mind that this post is based on amateur views like myself, therefore it will be easily understandable for mainstream people I suppose. I wanted to get X100 or XE2 but they are so expensive, so I breakeven and chose X20.

None of these photos were retouched by photoshop, because I feel like camera review should not be retouched? I do not know ahahhaha. Just crop though.

This new camera brings out the worst in me. I now have more reasons to take selfies =.= not good. Not good.
Failed attempt of "cute" pose. I feel like the lighting in my car is so good I have to do this sorry... Aperture 2.0 ISO 100 

 If I were to retouch these images I would lower the exposure, or I should have lowered it from the camera setting before taking some snaps.

Too lazy to dress up. 

Varsity: Topshop/ Shirt: Topshop/ Skirt: Pull&Bear/ Shoes: Forleria

I tried making those blurred background effect but I can't, aperture is already high at 2.2 yet it still won't work :( any advice? X20 is a fixed lense type of camera so I cannot really buy other lense for that purpose. Besides, lenses are expenso ok?

utensils, knife and fork, ninetynine, dinner, f2.0 , fuji x20

Here the aperture works so well if it is meant for closer range shot.

macro, super macro, fuji x20, tea bag

Super Macro function. Did I mis-use it?

I barely scratch the surface of Fuji here. I am excited of what's to come for me and X20, because I have a large room for improvements.

-Much more Portable than DSLR
-No need to worry about lenses
-The camera is also have filter features
-Auto setting is pretty good
-Fast focus (good for point and shoot)
-Cheaper than Fuji X100s (haha)

-Unable to change lenses
-Manual settings might be a bit confusing to use in the beginning

In my opinion this camera is more than sufficient for blogging, I feel like it is exceptional for beauty bloggers because your selfies will be so crisps and clear and HD! Lifestyle bloggers and fashion bloggers compatible too ofcourse, but if you are looking for even better I would suggest XE2 because you can change the lenses and if you use adapter you can even get Leica lense and equip it on you fuji. Not all cameras can capture the sharpness and the awesomeness from Leica, I heard.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some French Words

Hello fabulous people. Sorry I haven't been replying to your page lately, reading comments is the best part of blogging, I will reply ASAP and hopefully I did not miss out on anyone!

Just a quick post today, nothing fancy just excited about this cute tattoo stocking I got from Forever 21. I love it because of the cool twist of vintage to modern fun style, yet still apparent vintage inspired!

There is a bow on my collar, yes it is a bow collared shirt. I cannot get the settings right again, new camera Fuji X20! The camera is portable although it kinda is heavier than it looks. Very nice for an amateur like myself.

Shirt: H&M/ Skirt(skort): Scat/Stocking: Forever21/ Shoes: H&M

My dog is feeling fabulous he has to photobomb.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Infare + Fendi L'aquarossa

Greetings... Today I went to three events. First one is infare, then I went to the launchin of Fendi perfume L'aquarossa, then I also attended to my friend's birthday dinner. By the time I reached the last event my camera's battery has run out so yeah.

This cutie needs no introduction. She is so sweet to her readers too!

Oh and I came to infare bare-necked so I can find a good accessory, and I did! I got a choker from L.I.N.F.

Some bloggers... So pretty and fab.

 Putri Valentina, she is sweet too. She is attentive and engaging to visitors!

So the following photos are already moving on to the next event on the same day but different location. My friends work for the beauty supplier company which imported loads of well known beauty products, they are handling perfume!

The scent of this Fendi perfume L'aquarossa is rather mature and quite sensual, really lovely!

 Top: Neshki (instagram)/ Skirt: Zara/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell/ Bag: Michael Graves/ Choker: L.I.N.F.

Have a great great weekend guys, it is midnight here in Jakarta, do allow me to sleep and I will attend to comments on previous post in the morning ok? :)

Cheers lovelies.