Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pedestrian Visitors

Me and Cherry took a trip to a nice pedestrian street area, just a few days ago. It was moderately sunny, but the wind is still breezy and cold. We ate a simple wrap for our brunch, and walk around the area for a bit. 

 This is me, sitting at Kommune for our brunch. I find the red color of the menu cover quite cool!

 So, this is me drinking a big glass of chocolate milkshake! It was a lovely treat indeed ...

 And... here is the Pecking wrap.. It was delicious! There are a lot of veggies in there too.
 HAHA... See what we have here? It is Obama dressed as chairman Mao,,, amazing fusion eh?
Special thanks to my housemate Cherry who took my pics! You should check out her cool blog here.

Overcoat: Custom Made
Boots: Bread&Butter
Hair decor: Bershka
Bag: Charles&Keith
Photographed by: Cherry

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pink Theory of Hipster Kitty

Recently there are ample exposures of hipsters around me, my housemate is probably one of them (Cherry). Personally I dislike hippies, but I find hipsters are like-able.. These pictures were inspired by all hipsters out there and I combined it with my personal wardrobe. The glasses with that hello kitty bow and whiskers are just a pair of empty frames, usually I am not a fan of hello kitty but this time I make an exception and purchase it anyway because I like it!

To hipsters: Really, I find all of you very inspiring.
Notice that ring? It may be blur but it says: LONDON E1. 

These are my precious pink collection. I am so glad I get to finally show it in my blog!

Coat: VeroModa
Shirt: A02
Black Pants: Guess

Did you notice?? I used vintage filter too (Hipster style).