Monday, April 28, 2014

That Red Bus

 Hey fellas! Cheers to the well spent weekend (It was well spent for me at least)!

So these pictures were taken today as accompanied my friend Annabelle for shopping (AW YISH). We came to Oxford Street, yeah so mainstream right I know but I like that street anyway.

By the way they were not kidding when they say London can have 4 weathers in one dayy. Any moment in a day it could change like an unstable teenager on mood swings, it was gloomy then sunny and then gloomy again. Still like it though, I do carry an umbrella all the times, because I sometimes it pours! And it's heavy pouring.

Shirt: H&M/ Jacket: Zara/ Jeans: Primark/ Bag: Aldo/ Shoes: Office

Although these shoes are kinda alright to walk in, 5 to 6 hours shopping is kind of pushing it. Sore! I still love them, but sore.

Oh here is a VLog attached with this entry because I'm feeling fancy.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pink Petals

I cannot help but wonder are the creatures living in UK are bionics (or probably all creatures from cold countries). This is a compliment ok, I am amazed by your ability people! Even the birds here are so cold resistant, I promise you if you put a bird from Indonesia out in the open road like rainy London, as it is today, the bird would die from hypothermia (wait can birds get hypothermia?). 

But these birds are wandering around like "meh this is nothing, just casually strolling and hopping the wet rainy street naked like the fabulous creature I am."And the rain is pouring on their body!

Kinda bummed that I can never be true when I sing "Let it Go" from Frozen at the part "The cold never bothered me anyway" because it does bothers me, no matter how much I wish I am immune to cold. 

This outfit was not meant to be recorded, I was just "whatever" that day because I want to walk a lot and stay a bit warmer than last time. Can't hack it with sweater! So yeah I was just wearing whatever and my face is quite bare, walking around with dear Guni from and we found this beautiful trail of fallen petals and she said "well now you have to take photos" and which I did with her help.

 Coat: Vero Moda/ Shirt: Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop/ Skirt: Eland/ Boots: Dr. Martens/ Bag: Aldo

Good day people and I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

With the whole pink theme going on here, a bonus photo of a friggin pink house.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sweater Weather

Hey guys I just moved to the UK! Super psyched yish... 

I noticed that some people living here probably have skin made out of steel with insulator or something because I felt really cold even with sweater and they are like casually strolling with tshirt and shorts and flip flops. Well, it will probably take more than one generation of adaptation for Jakartan like me to get used to this weather with tshirt.

It is spring but still quite chilly (for me at least). I am not complaining, I love it here. I wish that I never have to go home.

Yes I camwhored at Carnaby Street because my friend was taking me there :)

Dress: Neshki (instagram)/ Cardigan: Episode/ Tights: Forever New/ Shoes: Aldo/ Bag: Aldo/ Hat: Unbranded/ Belt: Charles&Keith

Sorry my hair is kind of messy.

Today I hung out with this beauty,  Guni, two years ago we took a course in London Central Saint Martins together. She originated from Azerbaijan. Visit her blog at

She was also the one who took my pictures for this post :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Floral and Mint

"Full and Starving" had a new studio and we have fun today! Danny wanted to experiment with the lighting and I was more than happy to be an object whilst documenting my outfit. So lucky that my friendly neighbor is a photographer, and a generous person-for he shared so many photography tips!

Jacket and shorts: Episode/ Tanktop: Unbranded/ Shoes: Unbranded/ Bag: Leather Satchel Co.

Is it just me or the monochrome setting from Canon resulted in a grey-ish slightly green black and white?

I think we did wayyy too many of these jumping shots. You will see more of it next time I guarantee it (not even sorry). I like how the birdcage necklace elevated while I jumped.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How I do my Pincurls- Totally Heatless

To begin this post I am to clarify that I am not a hairstylist, but I feel like it is important to share this because I am aware that a lot of girls use curling iron daily (THE HORROR)! Which is kind of bugging me... Even before I got my hair bleached I rarely use curling iron, or hair dryer for that matter. 

Noww that I have bleached and dry hair ends I get even crazier about heatless curls. There are many many heatless waves and curls out there but pincurling is my favorite method, think Rita Hayworth and Marilyn! Vintage starlets achieved those amazing hair by pincurling.

I often used pincurl method to make my hair more presentable. Like that first picture, the curls were achieved with totally totally heatless way. Granted it is not the most instant way to get the curls but in my opinion, it is worth it.

I love pincurls because:
1. Totally heatless (healthier for hair)
2. Long lasting (way long lasting than just curling iron)
3. Gives vintage vibe

And allow me to tell you how I did it. Materials needed: Bobby pins, hair brush, water spray, and hairspray. Setting lotion is optional but if you want even better hold you can mix mousse into the water spray. 

This curl set is bigger and ideal for beginners orr.. lazy people like me. Now that I think of it this pincurls are really "Lazy Pincurls" in comparison to serious immaculate ones. When you are feeling fancy you can take smaller sections and you will end up with more curls hence better control over the curls later on when you brush it out.

I took my hair section by section and spray it with water and roll them downwards, then I go to sleep with those rolls on my hair. You can also start after you wash your hair and towel dried it, careful though if the hair does not dry completely in the morning you wont end up with curls! So make sure that you hair is not too wet.

I really hope that the pictures are clear enough. After I woke up in the morning, I took everything off. Spray the hell out of it!

Well if you like how it looks you can just style the bangs and leave it be, because as previously said this setting is bigger and so it is acceptable. When you take smaller sections you will end up with more vavavoom volume and it needs to be tamed.

I decided to brush them out for more vintage styling. This is because I want softer waves, brush it and mold it till you get the shape you want. Do not forget to hairspray it whence you get the shape that you want!

Aand this is pretty much it. If you do this curls on just your bang it helps with the greasy-ness too, and gives body to flatness on your hair. (psst do not forget to spray again after you finish)

Thanks for sticking around and I hope it helps.

There is a video on this how-to! Watch this for more clarification, especially the brush out for vintage gals I know it is very tricky! If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask me and let us discuss it together. :)) I am still learning too.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Market Museum- Retro City

I am not even sorry for this face.

It has been quite a fun day! Market Museum is Retro-themed this time~~ lovely and I get all excited about it.. Hence, my face on the first photo huahahahha!

Looky here Jasmine Tease booth. I almost got a comma from all these cuteness. It took me quite a while to choose what I want and I ended up buying more than one (duh Alice stuff!). Theria the founder is really sweet and lovely too, she is so patient handling me that asks so many questions :)

Dress: DIY/ Belt: Charles&Keith/ Bag: Leather Satchel Co./Shoes: JWest

This last photo was taken from Skin Junkie booth. I like how all the people involved in this booth were dressed in retro clothing and retro hairstyle!

Overall it has been a fun experience, I wish that someday I can participate on this kind of event. Opening a booth would certainly be a good experience.

On different matter, I got my visa approved! I will be departing on 14th, which is very soon! Yeeehaww