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Freelance photographer and retro dresser based in Bali, Indonesia.

Started this blog around 2012 but was not really active until the ends of 2013, but I am not sorry because I promise that I will make up for lost time! Sometimes when I am feeling fancy I will dress up in more of vintage influence outfits, but sometimes I like to let loose and dress up more unconventionally, depends on my mood really! 

I am a real human being with many many flaws, my body is soo far from perfection and my hair is messy and not presentable for a lot of times, but I enjoy being myself.

I took Fashion Design degree in Shanghai for 3 years, and I used to work for MAP in Indonesia as a Visual Merchandiser. Completed my masters and started my photography career in London, England.

My obsessions:
Sherlock, Supernatural, Alice in Wonderland, Vintage dresses. If you are in any of that cult whatsoever let me know and we can join forces.

Stay tuned and looking forward to your feedbacks! I reply comments on your page/blog.

Cheers lovelies.

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  1. Sherlock, Supernatural, Alice in Wonderland, Vintage Dresses... I am all for it.. Along with Once Upon a Time (if you haven't seen it please go and watch it) and a recent TV show which is now cancelled called Selfie ft. the amazing Karen Gillan from Doctor Who XD

    Rêveries de Paris


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