Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SH Fashion Week: La Vie

So one of the fashion week tickets that I have is a backstage ticket. I was one of the dressers for La Vie.

It has been nearly one month since I have been an intern at La Vie, a fashion label originated from Shanghai. Too bad I was not with this label earlier, else I might also be a part of London Fashion Week!

Their collection here was inspired by butterflies and zen flows. Name of the collection: Zen Awakening. By the way these runway pictures came from Shanghai Fashion Week official site. Enjoy!

See this pink dress? I made that embroidery detailing: Yes. Front and Back.

This pinky outfit! One of my favorite piece in that collection!

The finale gown.

Aha! SO this is their finale. See that glow-in-the-dark butterflies? I helped them to attach those things one by one.. So much more awesome and beautiful if you can witness this finale with your own eyes. It was quite tiring.. But really fun experience overall. Below are some backstage pictures I got from a blog of Maris Manalili, she used to teach me when I was studying my degree in Raffles. Visit her blog: here.

See that was me with the chocolate belt, dressing a tall supermodel named Miao Bin. It was soo hectic I did not even realize that I was photographed. And the right one is Jenny Ji, the designer of La Vie. She was observing the order of the models from the backstage, she is really cool, and I won't fail to mention that she is also a great boss!

Visit La Vie's website at:


  1. Hi, this is really random, but I was wondering how you got the opportunity/applied for this internship? I'd love to intern with La Vie/Jenny Ji, but I haven't been able to find much information about it online. Thanks!

    1. umm hii...! are u currently in Shanghai? I sent my CV to her email, i got her email from my friend who was also an intern there.. have you tried sending your cv?


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