Monday, July 30, 2012


Anyone who understand this blog post name should give me a high-five! Unless you hate high-five.

I visited The Sherlock Holmes museum at 221B Baker Street, London.

This is probably the most exciting name card that I have ever seen, man I would love to have a business meeting with him!

Really it was a cool place, considering I am quite a fan of Sherlock. It was full of vintage items, with vintage aura and vintage wallpapers too!

Here are some snaps of items from the desk of Mr. Holmes =)

And this is me waiting for Dr. Watson.

 Cool interior is it not?

The gunshots by Mr. Holmes creating the text VR which stands for Victoria Regina, The Queen.

A gun inside of a book, so cool.

I truly enjoyed that visit. Plus there is a souvenir shop with Sherlock theme! This is a very highly recommended tourist spot for you guys if you visit London.

I am home in Jakarta, Indonesia now. Surely I would love to return to London someday and this museum is one of the reasons why. Cheers!


  1. oh, Sherlock is one of my most favorite tv series ever. :)
    high5 :) would love to visit this museum someday.

    1. High fivvee!
      Benedict cumberbatch makes the hottest sherlock!
      you definitely should!!
      let me know when you have ok?


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