Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pastel Refugee

Hello loves. Hopefully all is well with you. A good news: I have been unconditionally accepted in Brunel University London for Master of International Business, so yeah I am pretty psyched.

Now I need to take care of the visa and then I am off to London by April (please please please do not let anything happen that might forbid my going away).

So this tank top is from a store called EPISODE and they seem to carry loads of Korean Brand, I am very very dense about Korean brands but this store seems to sell loads of cute stuff. One of the reasons why I like this tank top so much is because the text says: "Let Pink Live Forever".

So is the bottom, I think they cut off the label, but the washing instruction says "Made in Korea". It is like a skort actually but not like the hip and happening structure. Really new in Korean stuff department here (except for makeup products) so if you guys have any input or brands suggestions I am all ears.

Jacket: O2M/ Tank Top: PINK (Episode) / Bottoms: Unknown (Episode)/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

This is my lovely new addition to my shoes family. If you are following me on instagram, I have already acquired this a couple weeks ago and since then I have already worn this pair of babies for also- couple of times (but did not take picture sorry). Was beyond happy when it came I was squealing like a mental patient. Thats right, 2014 is a good year for me so far ;)

Tell me about the most exciting things that happened to you this year!

Cheers :)


  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your admission to the University of London. I was in London and is a very cosmopolitan city. You have to visit the district shops of Oxford Street ... fabulous! I really like your outfit. Great shoes. Keep in touch

  2. I totally loving this outfit!
    nice post :)

    maybe we can follow each other on GFC if you want?
    Let me know and I fallow you back immediately :)

    Kisses ;*

  3. I love your blog

  4. You're looking great and original<3 I love your style and follow you of course!:D

  5. congratulations for your acceptance!! must be awesome to be able to go to ur dream university <3
    anyway, loving your style here hun ;))

  6. LOVE IT

  7. Love this outfit! The tights are amazing & I neeeeeeed those Jeffrey Campbells!

    BTW, I'm hosting an Iphone Case giveaway on my blog at the moment, if you fancy it :)

  8. Hi My Dear ! :* Your blog is so cool ! I want to invite you to mine , and check the shop witch the banner is on the right side of my blog ! You will get 10% discount! I think that u will find in this shop something special for u ;* maybe u wanna follow each other ? If yes just follow me and let me know I will do the same ! :*

  9. you look lovely
    congrats on being accepted :D


  10. Cool shoes!


  11. love the shoes!

    - xx

  12. cool jacket! love it :D


  13. Congrats! Make a video with the British accent later time! Haha.
    Great outfit by the way, awesome hair <3

  14. good luck with ur studies!!! and ah loving the shoesss!

  15. You look fabulous! Love your shoes ^^

  16. the most exciting things that already happened this year is being an MC for LUKIE BEAT Live in Concert, JAKARTA :)
    met a lot of new friends and so many valuable experience ^^

    I love your shoes, kinda obsessed, perhaps..?


  17. that killer shoes!! xD

    just followed you, would you mind to follow me back? :)

    Eka Patriargadani
    Fresh Cappuccino

  18. Love your blog! Its so fab ♥ mind checking out mine and following me via GFC and Bloglovin'? (ill follow back) thank youu !

  19. so cool!
    maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

  20. I love your shoes! OH MY GOD. I WANT THEM! xD
    and I also love your gorgeous hair! :D

    A Lone Cat Journey

  21. ahhhhh your shoes are PERFECT! i'm so jealous! and i love your style, so keep up the awesome work hun!
    also, if you're interested, let's follow each other? do let me know!!


  22. Such sweet, sugary pastels. I really like the pale purple.


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