Monday, March 10, 2014

Fuji X20 for Blogging?

Camera Review.

I have very dense knowledge about photography, I was seeking a new camera for myself for the past month, so my friend recommended me Fuji Camera series X. I promised that I will do a review on it, keep in mind that this post is based on amateur views like myself, therefore it will be easily understandable for mainstream people I suppose. I wanted to get X100 or XE2 but they are so expensive, so I breakeven and chose X20.

None of these photos were retouched by photoshop, because I feel like camera review should not be retouched? I do not know ahahhaha. Just crop though.

This new camera brings out the worst in me. I now have more reasons to take selfies =.= not good. Not good.
Failed attempt of "cute" pose. I feel like the lighting in my car is so good I have to do this sorry... Aperture 2.0 ISO 100 

 If I were to retouch these images I would lower the exposure, or I should have lowered it from the camera setting before taking some snaps.

Too lazy to dress up. 

Varsity: Topshop/ Shirt: Topshop/ Skirt: Pull&Bear/ Shoes: Forleria

I tried making those blurred background effect but I can't, aperture is already high at 2.2 yet it still won't work :( any advice? X20 is a fixed lense type of camera so I cannot really buy other lense for that purpose. Besides, lenses are expenso ok?

utensils, knife and fork, ninetynine, dinner, f2.0 , fuji x20

Here the aperture works so well if it is meant for closer range shot.

macro, super macro, fuji x20, tea bag

Super Macro function. Did I mis-use it?

I barely scratch the surface of Fuji here. I am excited of what's to come for me and X20, because I have a large room for improvements.

-Much more Portable than DSLR
-No need to worry about lenses
-The camera is also have filter features
-Auto setting is pretty good
-Fast focus (good for point and shoot)
-Cheaper than Fuji X100s (haha)

-Unable to change lenses
-Manual settings might be a bit confusing to use in the beginning

In my opinion this camera is more than sufficient for blogging, I feel like it is exceptional for beauty bloggers because your selfies will be so crisps and clear and HD! Lifestyle bloggers and fashion bloggers compatible too ofcourse, but if you are looking for even better I would suggest XE2 because you can change the lenses and if you use adapter you can even get Leica lense and equip it on you fuji. Not all cameras can capture the sharpness and the awesomeness from Leica, I heard.


  1. Hello from Spain: I like your photos. You're very pretty. Keep in touch

  2. Love the selfies. It's a decent camera :)


  3. nice camera review there, love your shoes and you look amazing in the grey colour contacts!

    Check out my outfit post featuring BOND Hardware and share your thoughts! :)
    AL xx
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  4. it takes a very nice selfie! but i am in much doubt about fuji ~

  5. I love your hair! Pink is so sweet~ ^w^
    You are beautiful sweetie!

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  6. love your hair en style girl! lots of love

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  9. WOW WOW WOW, awesome outfit, and you are beautifull. Love it.

  10. Wow, beautiful photos and great review! These are such high quality images, even without retouching. And by the way you look beautiful :)


    xo Jess

  11. OMG, You're extremely pretty! I really like your beauty ;-) <3 I join to your followers.
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  12. Love your hair so much, so pretty. *__*
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  13. i like your hairs so much..and pretty skirt with matching shoes..your lazy dress make you look more great.
    i also nominated you for liebster award, your blog is to awesome to pass up..For rest check this link,


  14. I love your hair!:D So pretty!:) You are so cute as well!:D The outfit is casual cute and I especially love that skirt:)

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  15. Oh thanks for the review. Its looks great camera. Allthough on second pic abit blur . But i think these camera was nice overall ♥

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  20. love your cam and your hair <3

  21. This is a great review! It looks like a really nice camera *u* I love your outfit, too~ <3
    --Kiyomi xx

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