Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh My Dots

Greetings! How are you all doing these days? I have been feeling very good!

When I was out and about in this particular day I can recall that my feet hurt, hence I wore flatsies! Butterfly twist flats that I have here is pretty ok in general, I like how you can fold these and shove it in my bag whenever I wear heels.

 Dress: DIY/ Cardigan: Episode/ Flats: Butterfly Twist/ Bag: Asos
 Yeah I need more seamed stockings... I really like them!


  1. Your dress is so adorable! I love how it goes with those tights <3 x

  2. Great outfit for walking around it! xo

  3. You pretty lil' thang ;D

    I made little pixel gifts for some fave bloggers and one is for you! I've placed them at the bottom of this post. ♡

  4. Your curl hair is too lovely!

    kindly check out my blog,


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