Monday, September 1, 2014

Pastel Walkabout

Welcome to this colorful-ish post! Hope you guys are doing well.. You know I am! Well apart from the fact that I am gaining weight but I am enjoying life, very much so at this point. I mean look at that spin.

This week Anisacrament and I met up with The Provoker. He is such an amazing individual that exudes positive energy and it is just very entertaining to hang with him. Check out his blog because not only that he is cool to be around with, his blog is also a source of creative inspiration for fashion styling.

Oh and in relevance to the gloomy weather, I took that to my advantage to wear raincoat, like this one with polkadots on, I cannot say no to that.

Shirt: H&M/ Skirt: Topshop/ Raincoat: Asos/ Shoes: Office/ Bag: Asos

Nathan (The Provoker) and I shared similar taste in comedy which is awesome! We lovee Amy Schumer and Gabriel Iglesias... hahahhahah I mean who doesnt tho.


  1. It was such a pleasure and fun day hanging out with the two of you, I'm excited to meet up again soon for more comedic chats, silly shootings, GIFs, but with hopefully less painful footwear #MyDearToes!

    1. hahahhah aw hope your toes are better noww #bloggerproblem

  2. Oh! And LOVE that GIF too, spin spin spin! <3

  3. Great climat and colour of your lipstick :D
    Crazy girl :)

  4. I love your shoes & the outfit looks amazing against the pastel walls!Thanks
    for this sharing this amazing post here. Would you like to follow each other
    on GFC & Bloglovin & Google+? Lemme know &
    keep in touch!


  5. So pretty! Love your coat!

  6. Hello from Spain: Fabulous waterproof. I really like the outfit .. Lots of fun. Keep in touch

  7. Very funny blog.I'll follow you :) nice stylization and amazing sandals, Best :)

  8. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Actually the ring you saw on my blog is a project but I would like to create a little collection of my creations and sell it on etsy !

    Amazing shoes !

  9. The background matches your outfit so well! Loving your make up too. And smile is always the best accessory!

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    on MODEmoiselle

  10. Guys you look nice
    I like the rain coat

  11. You guys wore cool outfit. Lovely to see :)

  12. Love your raincoat and shoes!
    You have a nice blog, I follow you! <3

  13. gif nyaa so cuteeee!! next meet up pleaseee

  14. Lovely outfit!

  15. Cute outerweear and your first picture is so cute :D


  16. Hahaha girl you are a dream! I love your sense of humor and this outfit is PERFECTION! Your expressions are sooooo cute too- cannot even handle it. <3 <3

  17. Love your outfit! the pastel colors look great on you and the place where you take photos suit your outfit too

    Deasy Tantra

  18. Love that polka dot jacket. Light blue and white are the perfect color combinations for this season, and the red lips are just a fabulous pop of color! You have such great style, which is why I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! Check it out here: XOXO!

  19. Love the color in your outfit and how it mixed with the background!
    Especially the raincoat, can't stop thinking about it!><

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!!

  20. super cuteeee ^^ love your raincoat!!

  21. Your raincoat is duper cute! I love your shoes too <3


  22. That's the cutest raincoat I've ever seen!
    You look adorable and I love the gif :)

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