Monday, December 8, 2014

Tattoo Me Paperself- Review

Hi lovely peeps! Few days ago the wonderful 'Paperself' sent me this lovely product from their new line 'Tattoo Me'. If you are not aware of the brand Paperself I urge you to visit their site because they have cool creative paper eyelashes, stuff you would not find in high street :)

So Tatto-Me is their new branch of the brand, inspired by 18th century design, to add more spunk and to complete your look ;)

 I received one pack which contained 2 sets of these cutesies. You can cut them and apply them one by one rather than slap them on like I did (learn from my mistake peeps!). It is really easy to apply just follow the instruction on the back. Basically just peel off the transparent layer and stick the temporary tattoo on dry clean surface of your skin. Then, put a damp cloth or towel over it. Friendly tips, dont be too much in a hurry to lift off the paper backing otherwise the tattoo sticker will dent.

Overall I really like this product and my friends were all loving it as well. Even guys commented positively on it ;) so yeah check them out here guys! This one is 'Swing of the 20s' bracelet!


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