Saturday, April 25, 2015

On Board Anthem of the Seas

Well hiya everyone. I know I have not been posting here for a while and I kinda miss it. Last weekend I have had the chance to attend the inaugural sail of Anthem of The Seas by Royal Caribbean UK and it was gooood.

I took Annissa with me cause she is such a good company. It is nice to see some familiar faces on board, which are my instagram friends!

Really enjoy the sail, wonderful facilities and lovely service! I mean when you have robots making drinks for you... Well, I'm impressed.

Anywho, my sewing buddy Natalia Kiantoro who is an amazing fashion designer who used to be in the same Uni as I was, kindly sent me this lovely set of outfit! Cool lasercut top with my now favorite floral shorts, major love!

I forgot that the cruise trip is not the same like the ones I used to have in south east asia. I packed the wrong things-kind of. It was pretty windy and slightly chillier than I expected, but luckily we have to sun shining from most of the days!

Although it was cold, I realised that I forgot about the cold when I was taking photos. Oh how I wish I could just take photos all the times!


  1. Awesome top! Beautiful photos and great location dear....

  2. pretty outfit, and the cruise OMG!! <3<3


  3. Those shorts are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Yay a post!

  4. You look so relaxed! And pink + blue is such a cute combo. Suits you well, you cutie. <3

  5. your top so cool!! great photos anyway :)


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