Sunday, May 5, 2013

About Hachi

Hi Everyone!

Today I would like to introduce y'all to by beloved dog, named Hachi. His name is not exactly inspired by the famous dog Hachiko, I think. My little brother named him Hachi because: Hachi's grandma's name is Yuki, and Hachi's mom's name is Mochi and thus "Hachi" sort of rhymes with it. And I think most of people know that Hachi means 8 in Japanese, although it kind of means sneezing in Indonesian. 

Hachi here is a Bichon Frise.

He is a very cheerful, lazy dog.

This is Hachi with a cute suit! And the suit is red of course because it was Chinese New Year when he wore this.

Adidog is what was written on that jersey ;)

So this is me taking him to a dog gathering in Central Park, NOT the one in New York.

He was certainly glad to explore.

But, because he is a lazy dog it wasn't long till he grew tired and started lying down that way. That is my friend Lisa with her lovely puppy named Milo ( Milo is a mix breed of Mini Pincer and Cihuahua).

Hachi is probably the best fluffy thing that has ever been mine :)

I was wearing a custom made vintage reproduction dress from

You should totally check hellopupu out because she (the owner) is really nice and she has amazing collections of vintage reproduction dresses ;)

Cheers everyone and see you till the next post!

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