Sunday, June 23, 2013

Curious Traveller

So weeks ago I posted in my instagram that a "new blog post is coming soon", and these pictures totally slipped my mind I am sorry. Here I tried editing with soft focus and brightness, which I kinda like in the end.

Trust me it was really sunny that day I took these pictures and therefore I thought "Hey, it is finally time for the lace parasol I bought to be featured!" 

Apart from the cute lace parasol, I also featured the big-ass vintage leather backpack I bought quite some time ago. Aaand, I did a victory roll on my hair but it is hardly noticeable with my black hair.

I think that I can fit a petite person in that backpack.

Guys, truth about lace parasol: they do not help much during sunny day, especially like our kind of sunny days in the vicious heat of Jakarta. However they are really really cute and I would still advice anyone out there to purchase it, just because.

About the backpack, I find it very useful. Personally I would recommend anyone to have a huge backpack in store to stuff it with emergency stuff including clothing, medicine and dry foods. This is just in case you need to bolt immediately during unexpected occasions. What unexpected occasions? Let's say zombie apocalypse maybe, or anything that is more realistic like flood evacuation or earthquake (yess I like doomsday prepper).

I sincerely hope that this post is enjoyable, any comments and suggestions about photo-taking and editing is welcome.

Shirt: Second-hand shop
Shorts: Zara
Lace Parasol: Forever New
Leather Backpack: Old Spitalfields Market London
Boat Shoes: Sperry for women


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