Sunday, October 27, 2013

Broken Doll

Happy Near Halloween guys! I know that loads of people celebrate it this weekend anyway so here is a post that might helps people get inspired for a look this coming halloween. To achieve this broken porcelain doll, the most important thing is to smoothen out, I mean really make your skin flawless and widen your eyes with every possible methods (false lashes, black eyeliner, white eyeliner)! Take out your most dolly dress and the most dolly shoes and voila! A little suggestion to improve this is to wear milk white stocking so you look significantly paler. Fake your lips too and don't forget to put ridiculous amount of blusher.

Unfortunately this year it will be on Thursday, so let's see what will come up this Thursday or next weekend!

I apologize for not giving the names of the stuff that I am wearing here because I forgot them all. These are the stuff I purchased years ago when I really love dressing as Gothic Lolita. Mainly I shop Lolita items in Shanghai.

What will you be this halloween? Or if you already celebrate it this weekend, what is your costume or look, share it in the comment below or leave a link if there are photos :)


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