Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wrecking Yarn Ball

These recent gloomy days inspired this cozy autumn-ish look ;)

Yeap. The only excuse to wear relatively fall look here is these damp gloomy situation. I like the rain, but unfortunately Jakarta is very prone to flooding. 

Here I am wearing two items from one of my used-to-be favorite brands, a02. The brand originated from Hong Kong and having close to zero recognition here in Indonesia, my love for the brand receded whence I moved back home. I like cats ok? Even though I have a dog pet I still very much adore cats, also my initial is C.A.T. so another excuse to like them I guess hahahhaa.

About the title, sorry guys... I just can't get the song Wrecking Ball out of my head and I keep singing to the point it annoys people. I watched loads of parody (of Miley), that is probably why.

Not knowing why retailers do not bring in a02 to this country, sigh.

 Hat: a02/ Top: a02/ Skirt: Forever New/ Boots: New Look

 Bonus photo with Hachi. Not a fan of his hair cut because he should be able to look cuter, but he gets upset when people say that he is not as cute as he can be.

Until the next post.
Cheers guys!

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