Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tips From The Travelling Vintage Girl

As a keen traveller and a vintage girl that wears vintage and retro dresses 90% of the time, I have gotten used to the on-the-go approach in travels without sacrificing too much of my regime!

Yes you still can look fabulous when you travel, and yes it is possible to jet set to different countries with hand luggage!  And I am going to tell you the insights on how I did it. This post was also in Unique Vintage blog section go check them out!

Me in Amsterdam


I usually started with arranging my outfit (roughly) for the following days. Try to accommodate two looks with one key piece so you do not need to bring unnecessary extras.

Make-up Better be On-Point

Here are the list of things in the order of importance:
1. Sunscreen and base- May be included with the foundation you own (SPF). Also ensure you use long-lasting foundation as you might be out all day. With good coverage and flawless skin you can actually get away with less makeup
2. Eye Liner- Befriend them, as they are mates for vintage ladies, pulling off that cat-eye should be a crucial key thing for your retro look. Please get a long lasting liner too, we do not want your liner to change from on-point to smudgy by the end of the day.
3. Red Lips- I recommend investing in a good lip liner for that red pout! And carry your favourite lipstick for touch-ups!
4. Blusher- Cream blushers are more portable than the powder ones, and you don’t need any brush for application, neat.


Bring plenty of bobby pins in case you want to refresh your pincurls, or emergency victory rolls as you travel! I recommend packing your favourite smoothing brush too so you can maintain your beautiful mane!

Other than that I strongly encourage you to bring either a bandana for the classic ‘Rosie the Riveter’ look, or pack a flower hair clip to finish your vintage hair.


Never bring your shoes that you have never worn before, you wanna look cute I know. But do not sacrifice your holiday. Get a nice kitten heels to compensate. If you do want to look hella cute in those killer shoes you can, pack a folding flat shoes, it should work!


Soooo important for me! And I figured it should be for most of you ladies too. It is much of a hassle if you want to bring all of your stuff in a carry on but you still can pack your cleansing liquid! Place them in cheap contact lens pod from dollar store and voila you are good to go.


This should be the whole point for travelling, for me at least. So have fun and enjoy the little things, take it in, and do not forget to take pictures.

Cheers lovelies!

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