Saturday, March 26, 2016

PI Fashion Week SS16

It has been a week since Plaza Indonesia Fashion week has passed. I am currently in Bandung and want nothing more than going to bed at this instant. However I am a strong believer of better late than never! Let me take you back to a week ago, where I went to brunch with my friends before attending the fashion week show!

My friend William Utama did a super great job in Asia Newgen Fashion Award! There were ten finalists in the final round and he won! With another contestant thats also named Will. What a delightful coincidence. I attached photos of my favorite looks from the show after my outfit post (which followed by the designer's name)! 

Cardigan: Uniqlo
Shoes: ModCloth

This super fabulous outfit by Juliana Ng.

This lovely red dress by Laurensia Salim

Another one by Laurensia Salim, I adore this white ensemble!

This uber cool sporty vibe from William Utama.

Again, super cool outfit from William!

Congrats my friend, soooo proud of you!<3 p="">

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  1. Gnaw.. That's so nice of you ;)
    Thanks for coming to the show.
    Great shots as always!
    Will be seeing you soon.

    Take care :)


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