Wednesday, January 4, 2017

100% Pampered at Unagi Spa

Happy New Year everyone! Holiday season was super intense with work and chores and I am so so happy to be able to have a day off just to be pampered. Unagi Spa has so kindly to let me try their 2-hour massage and it was heavenly, especially after the hectic season of deadlines!

When I entered I was greeted with wonderful smiles and I was just so ecstatic in anticipation of traditional Balinese massage. But... There was a menu! I had to choose which. Let me tell you that they all look enticing but I chose The Fruits Miracle massage.

I went with my awesome friend/housemate Yonni. The massage was so good, and I am not just saying it. When we were done with the full body massage we were treated to individual hot bath! 


What was included in the Spa Package:

  • Foot bath   (5 mins)
  • Balinese Massage (60 mins
  • Avocado & Kaffir lime Body Mask  (30 mins)
  • Flowers bath (30 mins)
  • Body moisturizer  (5 mins)
After the flower bath you can enter the aquatic pool. The water is a bit cold as I was just finishing up with a very blissful warm flower bath but I would totally recommend you to enter. Feels very nice and you will see when you exit the spa, your body feels renewed and lighter.

Massive thanks to Unagi Spa! I would 100% come back and I will bring my mother and other friends, they will surely love it here. Visit Unagi Spa's website here , and Instagram here.

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