Thursday, January 12, 2017


Like most people that are active on social media, I guess I am one of those normal ones that struggles with self-confidence. Yes, it is normal. I do not know however, if it is healthy to normalise this kind of thing. I became very reluctant to shoot videos of myself due to how much I hate my own voice and how I look. Very self conscious (not shy). I am much better now than how I was in the past because I keep posting photos on the blog and other channels, so if you do struggle with that you are definitely not alone. No matter how many followers do you have, nobody is immune to self-confidence struggles.

But who am I kidding, this is the internet, if people want to find the most embarrassing thing about you, they will definitely find it anyway. This kind of strongly reminded me of Sherlock Holmes from the American series 'Elementary' in which he stated that 'humiliation is the currency of hackers'. (Anyone watches that show too??) 

My awesome friend Farhan shot these photos of me on his film cameras. Although there are some where my face is actually more exposed I much prefer these where my face is more concealed so to speak. I think he managed to capture my tame side, which is cool! Do check out his website (my fav are the portraits, which he did mostly with films) and Instagram

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