Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mustard and Gingham

How cute is this gingham dress from StaceyMae

Took this dress for my trip to Guangzhou, Macao and HongKong. A new dress is always exciting and this has instantly became my fav dress and I am not just saying it cause you know I wear a lot of dresses. The detachable petticoat makes it a versatile piece, a staple for a retro girl.

 Twirling cause your homegirl is seeking for approval in 3d y'all.

 @davidchengg one of my friends who I met on this trip! A friend of the awesome @juucyn and @lauralaviani .
 Hong Kong is a gem for street photographers tbh.

My cousin Natalia who took photos of me for this post.

What I wore:

Dress: Stacey Mae Wardrobe
Waistband: Le Palais Vintage
Headband: Stacey Mae Wardrobe
Shoes: Stradivarius

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