Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Retro Dining with Cosmic

Hello from sunny side of Bali. I visited the Sanur branch of one of my fav establishments in Bali, that is Cosmic Diner! They have managed yet again satisfy my cravings for milkshakes and all the wonderful evils of waffles with ice cream on top. 

 This is the face of joy.

The Sanur branch of Cosmic Diner seems to be bigger than the one I usually visit in Sunset star. As per usual the interior design is on point with trinkets of the strong retro vibe! A must visit for a vintage girl or simply someone who appreciates good design-centered diner (with good food).

Dress: HelloPupu
Shoes: Unique Vintage
Location: Cosmic Diner Bali Sanur

P.S: Cosmic does a lot of promotions which can involves free milkshakes. Do find them on social media to not miss out on such goodness.

Find them on:
 Facebook: Cosmic Diner Bali
Instagram: @cosmicdinerbali
Twitter: @cosmicdinerbali

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