Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jurassic Project

These pictures below are from last year. They are my designs for graduation project. Inspired by dinosaur fossils and bones. I like the close-ups so I also include some here. Cheers!
Some little previews here..

 I love that shoes.. Too bad they are way too big for my feet.

I actually really like that cape, too bad I cant actually wear it here in Indonesia...

It was freezing when we took these shots.. The model is Ukrainian but still its too cold for anyone. Special thanks to Joanna the photographer and also Lina the beautiful model. The outcome is very satisfying.


  1. deeeel, this is awesome!!!
    you have to lend me your designs ya!!! jangan sombong! hahahaha

    btw foto2 d londonnya bikin ngiri bgt. totalitas bgt deh dress upnya km d sana!

    1. makasih banget deh kakk! hahahah sombong gaq gw banget de...
      hehehe iy kotanya baguss... u should totally visit.. hehehe


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