Sunday, July 21, 2013

Galleries Lafayette in Jakarta

Galleries Lafayette. Very well established in France, not very well known in Indonesia. Well, therefore I am here to write a little something something about it. So I was summoned to help weeks before the opening, with the brands that my boss handle: MaxMara Weekend, Penny Black, iBlues, and DKNY. 

These are some pictures taken before the opening (haha), I do not think that exposing these are appropriate because some might think that these harm the name of the brands? However I find these images really interesting and I do hope whoever reading this feels the same.

These two naked mannequins with their poses made me laugh. I posted this more than two months ago in my instagram, I think? Sorry I have to waited this long to write about it.

Some wrapped-up fun (to prevent them from collecting dust).

Cute props above from MaxMara Weekend.

What I carried with me.

Moving on, if you do visit GL (Galleries Lafayette) you will see these boards, like below but with different brands written on it. Of all these brands below, my favorite brand with their goods is Ted Baker (please don't kill me boss). 

Below are some pictures I took of Ted Baker products, I mean how come anyone not Love it?

Other than Ted Baker I would like to specially mention about Brooks Brothers (pictures below):
I love their visual props! You know me, I love vintage stuff hence maybe I am a little bias regarding taste visual props.

I do not know whether it is ok to disclose this but I find it really strange that Michael Kors is very well ranked in this dept store. Probably because the brand was already quite known amongst the Indonesian community? 

Nobody knows, but I think there are other brands that people should give chances too, and I am not saying these things because I am working under other brands ok? Maybe partly but no, not really. I just think that people should explore more brands so that more foreign (or local) brands can flourish and grow.

Dear all readers, I hope that you find this post enjoyable. I will see you at the next post, orrr stalk me at instagram because I post regularly ;)

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