Monday, July 22, 2013

Denim Tea Party

What? Two posts in two days? I know this is a miracle. So I am on a mission, to post more often...!

Blue Jeans white Tshirt, not Lana Del Rey song haha. Alice in Wonderland inspired look with a modern twist! Some people might know that I am beyond obsessed with Alice. I have no idea why but probably because Lewis Carroll, the author is just as disturbed as I am.

I am using a collection of pictures taken weeks ago but I insist that this still count as a new post. Heehee

I feel like blogging regularly is a good thing, it has to be habitual is it not? Therefore I am challenging myself to post constantly. It does not mean that I will post daily but hey, at least once a week.

So I bought two items on impulse by the end of the month of June: the jeans dungarees/pinafore and that white hidden wedge sneakers. It was on impulse, but for me it was not something that is regrettable, for one I feel that jeans dungarees are classic and two hidden wedge sneakers are cute! At first I thought these sneakers are a bit juvenile but then I saw a lady, nearly the age of 40 I presumed, and she was wearing a pair of GOLD hidden wedge sneakers! Afterwards I was like: heck let's try it on. Then they spoke to me, persuade me to take them home, so I did.

Featuring in this look is the lovely tea party collar.

White T-shirt: Marks & Spencer
Dungarees: New Look
Hidden Wedge Sneakers: New Look
Ring: I am
Barrel Satchel: Zara
Collar: Tea & Sympathy


  1. love the collar and dungaree!
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  2. you look so cute and pretty
    you have a lovely blog too anyway <3

    This is real and This is me

  3. Such a cute tie accessories!


  4. cute look!
    Maybe we follow each other!?
    Follow me, Let me know & i´ll follow back ;-D




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