Sunday, July 28, 2013

June Novelty - Ombrelicious

Hello everybody let me introduce you to these adorable babies. These are Ombre flats/loafers from June Novelty. Yess you have seen the return of ombre ( and tie-dyes too) for quite sometime now I suppose: from tshirt, shirt, scarf, bags, pants, belt, iphone casing, whatever everywhere! 

So my dear friend Yonni one day asked me if I want to model for her, and I thought I heard wrong. Like, whaat?  It turns out that she will be selling these ombre flats; and that I was offered to help her to become her legs/feet model. I was not so sure too but she asked and I tried anyway, actually the result was not so bad after all. Check out these behind the scenes pictures for your entertainment (or preview).

I have no idea how to pose. Le awkward!

This, the girl below in gorgeous blue dress is Yonni herself. So she will be the owner of June Novelty, an online shop that sells these babies that will complete your Ombrelicious look.

During the photo taking I felt like these loafers are comfortable, just make sure that you do not buy one size smaller or bigger. Let me know your thoughts on these, is it cute or do you feel like it can complete your style?

If you are interested in purchasing June Novelty's Ombre Flats, you can find the facebook link: here. It should be launch shortly.

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