Monday, July 29, 2013

After Code Z

The world may not end in 21st December 2013, but what if it begun at that time. Patient zero was infected at that date and soon of course the earth that we use to know is no longer what it was. 

Life is even harder, money no longer matters. What is left of humanity fought and keep developing the cure.

In the very distant future when it all blows over, the remaining human returned to their rightful land where nothing will ever be the same. People are peculiar; after spending so much time fighting the dead that came back to life, now they are trying to revive what is dead and abandoned.

What is the probability of a Z Apocalypse anyway? Majority of people know about the ant-reanimator-fungus. So if that fungi managed to infect human, the wait for blowing people's head with shotgun is almost over then. 

Where I got my Zombie Tshirt and Skirt: Jenneth Clothing Line
Flats: June Novelty (Opening soon)

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